Intermediate Salsa 6 Week Course

Intermediate Salsa 6 Week Course

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We are very pleased to announce our next Intermediate On1 Salsa guest instructor, Mr Robin D'Souza from our friends at Spin City Dance!

Robin fast became one of Melbourne's most favourite leads on the d-floor with his musicality & flo! A follow once came off the floor, proclaiming she felt like she was practically a pro because of how he made her feel. His attention to his follows & his ability to made a mere beginner all the way up to a true professional like they are having the best dance of their night is a true testament to how Robin conducts himself on the dance floor & from these classes, you are sure to walk away with upgraded skills & knowledge to be able to do the same for whom ever you're dancing with!


Intermediate On1 Salsa Dancers

Tuesdays 8th October for 5 weeks (week 5 is a pesky public holiday so no classes)to the 12th of November

7:30 - 8:15 pm Salsa partnerwork
8:15 - 9:00 pm Salsa shines

**Both classes**
Casual $23
5 weeks $110

**1 class only**
Casual $17
5 weeks $85


Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Email

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    In these intermediate classes you'll walk away with some fun & challenging turn patterns & shines to be able to incorporate on the social dance floor.


    Salsa experience a must in these classes


    We don't offer refunds by requests however, if you feel like the class or level was not for you, you are welcome to use the rest of your classes in another style or level.

    If we cancel the class, you will recieve a full refund.

  • Videos & Photography

    We do take photos & videos of classes. These photos are used for our marketing, social media & promotional material. By paying for the class & attending our classes, you are agreeing to allow your photos & videos to be used by us, Infintiy Dance Company!

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